About Us

Who the hell are you guys?

Attorney Online Vidya (AOV) - An Attorney Online server - was created in December 2015. Originally posted on 4chan's /v/ board, the server primarily focused on Ace Attorney styled casing formats, including Pre-Written and Improvised trials. Over time, the variety of formats expanded and various game formats also became the norm. You can check out our Common Formats and Template Library pages for a better idea of our server's formats.

AOV quickly became the biggest server on Attorney Online, at one time regularly having over 100 players online at once. Naturally, as with any online community, we've had to endure the various drama fallouts you've come to expect from shit Admins, bad decisions and unfortunate pranks. While we've lost some players and went through several Head Admins over the years, the server is still alive and kicking with a relatively stable player-base.

Our main goal when playing is to create a fun and enjoyable story and make sure that everyone involved, whether as an active participant or a spectator, has a good time. We don't tend to take ourselves too seriously, with cases often featuring various memes and banter, but more serious styled formats are still often played. As long as you're up for co-operating with fellow players and rolling with the wackiness, then you're more than welcome here.

AOV also has a heavy emphasis on community created and submitted content, with occasional updates featuring submitted content including new sprites, music, backgrounds etc. If you're interested in submitting content, check out the Content tab and Submissions document for more information.

AOV Administrators and Moderators

LawfulDickish is the current Head Administrator and server owner.

AOV Admins and Moderators can be contacted either in-client via the 'Call Mod' button or through either the Community Discord Server or the primary Moderator Contact Discord Server - links to which can be found below.

Server Content Team

Ssstar (Website)
Jumblies (Content Policy)