Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions about Attorney Online and our server.
If you need further help or have a question not answered here, contact us on our Mod Discord.

Getting Started

What is Attorney Online? What is Attorney Online Vidya?

Attorney Online is an online chat client primarily designed to engage in Ace Attorney styled courtroom cases and dramas. More information can be found at the Attorney Online website.
(Note that the download available on the AO website is a vanilla download and does not contain our server's content.)
Attorney Online Vidya is an Ace Attorney Online community and server originating from the 4chan /v/ board, with additional third-party characters and various formats, including cases, games and tabletops. You can find out more information on our About Us and Formats pages.

How do I install / update Attorney Online Vidya?

We recommend using the AOV Launcher as found on the Downloads page, which will provide everything you need to get started as well as allow easier updating. When an update is available, simply open the Launcher and click Update.
Alternatively, the Downloads page also offers a direct 'Full Game' download, though this is only updated for new client versions, thus if using this you will also need to download individual updates.

Can I play in my browser without downloading?

AOV via WebAO is currently offline.
We recommend downloading the AOV Launcher as found on the Downloads page for full support and compatibility if possible.
Please be aware that the client was primarily made for Windows OS and as such you may encouter issues on other operating systems.
AOV should be playable on 64-bit versions of Linux while Mac players should use the latest version of Wine.
Welcome! Check out our Newcomer's Guide for details on how to use our server and basic playing information, including various server functionality and commands.
Also, make sure to check our Server Rules so you don't get banned on your first day.

Once you have, you can connect to our server by clicking it in the server list - Attorney Online Vidya (Dedicated) - then the 'Connect' button.
Alternatively, you can add Online Vidya (Dedicated) to the serverlist text document found inside the base folder where you store your client, then go to the "Favorites" tab in-client.

General Server Usage
When you enter the server, you'll initially be located in the landing area - known as "Basement" - which allows spam in the IC chat. Join in or change area - spam is not allowed outside of Basement. Spam is also not allowed in the OOC chat, even in Basement.
In order to change areas, you can either type '/area' followed by the desired area number in the OOC chat or find the list in your client, and double click to change areas.
You need to enter an OOC name to use the OOC chat and commands.
Make sure your OOC name is unique, as if another user has the same name then OOC chat will not work for you.
If you get an error message stating "You must insert a name with at least one letter" then you need to change your OOC name.
If you see an area set to 'LOOKING-FOR-PLAYERS' then feel free to head in and ask other players for advice. Players are usually more than happy to help you to start playing properly, and will share advice with you when possible.

For cases, the usual recommendation is to start by spectating a few trials or sign up for a minor role, such as Co-Defense to get a feel and understanding of how formats play out.
To sign up proper, type '/doc' in the OOC, click the link provided and then enter your current character's name into your desired position. Note that we run on a first-come-first-served basis, so if the role you want is already taken then you can either try asking if they want to swap or pick a different role.
If the player on the character is actively using that character, try asking if they would be willing to change or swap.
If they don't speak at all, they might be AFK. Ask other players if that person is AFK; if they are, call a mod and they can move that player to the character select screen so that the character becomes available.

Alternatively, you can simply .ini swap. To do this, just type in the name of the character folder you wish to use in the appropriate drop down box (the one just above the text color dropdown, featuring your current character's folder name) and press enter. You'll now be playing as the entered character while still using your current one.
Some characters have alternative folders featuring different outfits (such as DLC outfits) that are not on the CSS but can be accessed via .ini editing.
Some of these will already be selectable via the .ini dropdown. Just select the one you want, or type in the folder name if it's not already there.
The server allows the use of some non-server content (content not officially added to the server) so long as it is in line with general AOV Rules.

Non-server music, backgrounds and evidence can be used in all areas. There are custom placeholders in each respective folder that can be used for this purpose.
Non-server characters can only be used in Basement and Crossover Areas. Using them elsewhere is in violation of the rules.

If you're using non-server content in a case / game etc. make sure to provide download links to the content in the case doc so other players can see and hear it.
Please use the Call Mod button and enter a reason for the call (for example, if a certain character is spamming or disrupting a case).
This will alert all online moderators as to the affected area and your stated situation. A moderator will then come to the area and deal with the issue.
Please note that abuse of this feature can result in a warning or further.
Due to various issues with content polling, as well as a general lack of engagement with them, server polls were phased out as the primary way of submitting content, instead replaced with the Submissions document.
Polls are now only potentially used for controversial submissions or at the admin's discretion.
If you want to submit content for the server, whether it be a new character, music, a fix for current content or something else, you should add it on the Submissions document following the provided format.
This document can also be used to suggest content removal.
Content will be reviewed and then either accepted, rejected or an edit will be requested before acceptance, so make sure to check back often to see the status of your submission.

If you wish to suggest administrative changes to the server, please contact us via the Mod Discord instead.

It's possible that the server is down. Try pressing Refresh a few times and see if it pops up. Server issues will be announced on the AOV Mod Discord, so check there for more information. Most of the time it's just a server host hiccup and normal service should resume shortly.
If you get an error about MSVCP140_1.dll not being found, you will need to install the Visual C++ 32-bit (x86) libraries from Here.
They can also be found on the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable downloads document.
You can contact a member of AOV Staff on our Mod Discord to determine the length of your ban and more in-depth reasoning if necessary. Permanent bans are rare but possible depending on the circumstances.

If you wish to appeal your ban, you can contact an Admin via the AOV Mod Discord. You will be informed of why you were banned and, if applicable, you can make your case for being unbanned. This is not guaranteed so instead you should try following the rules to not get banned in the first place. Note that if you are banned for being underage, you will not be allowed to appeal until you are 18.
You either don't have our server content or didn't install our files correctly.
We recommend using the AOV Launcher to avoid this problem as it will download all necessary files.
However, if installing manually via the Manual Full Game download, make sure to also download any updates relased after the Full download's Last Updated date, as they are not included in the Full Game download.
If you are missing a few specific files, ask for them in the AOV Mod Discord.

Alternatively, you can play in your browser using AOV via WebAO.
You can contact mods in-client via the Call Mod button, or message us via the AOV Mod Discord server. Please use the appropriate channels for your contact reason or, if required, message an active staff member directly.