Server Content

AOV is a big fan of community submitted content.
Our server content updates can include new characters, music, backgrounds and more. If you have content you wish to see on the server, check the links on this page to find out how to submit it.
There are also links to various guides and extra content. Please make sure any content you wish to add or remove adheres to our server's Global Rules, as well as our Content Addition / Removal Rules and Guidelines, all of which can be found on our Server Content Policy document (or view the Condensed Version).


Any content you wish to submit, whether it be new content or fixes to current content, should be added to our Submissions document so it can be checked by our content control and testing team. Suggestions to remove content can also be added to this document.
If accepted, it will be added to the server via a future update.


In some circumstances, submitted content may be polled on the server to determine community interest in said content.
If successful, the content will then be added to the server as normal.

Content Creation
For guides on creating content for Attorney Online, check out the Content Creation Centre for various information including relevant programs and applications, ripping tutorials and more.
Please also consider our Ace Attorney Styling Guide for information on how to properly emulate the series' sprites.

Ini Editing
Whether you're creating a character, accessing alternate sprites or editing a character's SFX, you'll need to create or edit that character's .ini file.
Learn how to do that with our Ini Editing guide.

Head over to the Content-Creation-Hub channel on the Mod Discord or the Content-Creation channel on the Community Discord where you'll be able to receive feedback, advice and eligibility confirmation on your creation from members of the community and AOV staff.

Non-Server Content

Interested in using certain characters, music, backgrounds etc. not part of our official server content or want to share content that wasn't accepted? Take a look at the user managed Crossover Court Content document. You can also check out the Alternate Skins Library for client-side character, SFX and music variations.

NOTE: Non-Server characters can only be used in Basement and "Crossover" Areas. Do not use them outside of those areas.
Non-Server music, backgrounds and evidence can be used in any courtroom as long as they are provided in case documents and are in line with our server rules.