Server Rules

As draconian as it sounds, the administration reserves the right to exercise judgement and interpretation of the rules or lack thereof.

Don't be a dick.

All rules effectively flow from this guiding principle. Roleplaying a dick, trolling, being sarcastic, or being rude does not a dick make.
Point is, don't purposefully try to ruin other people's fun.

Global Rules

    Global rules apply to all areas at all times.
  1. You are free to do whatever you like so long as it abides by the server rules, and the laws in the server host country (currently the United States of America).
  2. The only allowed language on the server is English.
      A. Using disruptive special character or unicode characters (such as zalgo text) is not permitted.
  3. You must be 18 years old or older.
  4. Organizing or participating in "raids" on other servers, ie. joining them with the intention of antagonizing people under the banner of AOV is not tolerated and will be severely punished.
      A. Sharing personal information about another user without their consent, otherwise known as "doxxing", in client, thread or Discord will be punished by permaban.
  5. The server is split into different areas - Casing Rules generally apply to all, with some exceptions:
  6. Area 0
    Used as a landing zone upon joining, this area may be used for testing new content that would not be allowed elsewhere.
    Non-server characters permitted. Spamming text and music IC is allowed (OOC spam is prohibited server-wide).
    Area 1-4
    Areas used for any format of Casing. All rules (Global and Casing) are enforced, regardless of area status.
    Area 5
    An area used for various non-case Game formats such as Mafia, Tabletops, Decision Games and Whose Court.
    All rules (Global and Casing) are enforced, regardless of area status.
    Area 6
    (Crossover Arcade)
    An Arcade area allowing the use of non-server characters that don't violate server-wide bans (MLP, Dolan).
    Non-server characters permitted.
    Area 7
    (Crossover Court)
    A Courtroom area allowing the use of non-server characters that don't violate server-wide bans (MLP, Dolan).
    Non-server characters permitted.
    Area 8
    Used as a general chat room. As such, casing rules do not apply except for sections 1 and 4.
  7. Abusing or spamming server commands and features, such as OOC chat, "/need", "/g" or the Call Mod button is not allowed.
      A. Calling mods for anything you feel you need help with is encouraged.
  8. Instances or solicitation of Erotic Roleplay (Also known as ERP, cybering, or textfucking) are prohibited
      A. Note that this does not automatically include cases that have sexual content in them, but said cases are not a free pass to do so.
  9. Not safe for work images are permitted, but must be preceded by a NSFW tag or some form of warning. Links to outright malicious or illegal websites are not permitted.
  10. Posting or modifying of active documents (docbombing, vandalism) in other areas in or outside of the client is prohibited and may result in a permaban.
  11. Character folders not part of the server package may not be used outside of permitted areas (MLP and Dolan are banned server-wide).
Report faulty moderator behaviour and/or appeal to bans by contacting us at our Mod Discord.


A moderator’s first action should be to tell you to in no complex terms, “Cut that shit out”. In general, they shall err on the side of caution and give people the benefit of the doubt. If an individual is found to be repeatedly violating the rules (Twice or more is a good example) then temporary bans of a day to a week are to be utilized.
Permanent bans are reserved only for major rule violations (EG: Global rule 1), when a user is unresponsive to administration, or when considered to be no longer welcome within the community.


If someone claims to be a moderator and gives the players an order or threat, request them to send a local mod message in OOC. If they don't, you may completely ignore them. Moderators are the only ones capable of using the OOC identifier $MOD[Name] and the Global chat mod flag [M].
If someone claims to be a mod, you may ask them to prove it. Impersonation is bannable.

Moderators using these features are to be considered acting in an official capacity and any warnings or directions given via such methods should be followed. If you believe that abuse has been made on the part of the moderators, please direct your concerns to the Mod Contact Discord.


Attorney Online Vidya is a roleplaying server. Every role tends toward a certain “mindset”, although the character you choose to play can have virtually any personality you wish with no regard for their personalities from their games. While other styles are not strictly prohibited, the style of roleplay and case format followed on the server is generally based in improvisation.

Generally, the premise of a case (evidence, location) are set up in advance, and virtually everything else is left to the discretion of the players signed up. For the sake of everyone else’s enjoyment as well as your own, there is one core tenet that defines improv theater, which shares many similarities with our way of casing:

"Say Yes."
*Within Reason.

When players express a willingness to cooperate with each other and roll with what is said during a case, the experience is enriched for everyone involved. More often than not, one stick in the mud can drag an entire case down and make everyone miserable, destroying any semblance of fun in the game.