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The Decemberfest Update

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas."
-Judy Garland et al

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The Mildly Crazy Update

"This party's getting crazy!"
-Dante, whilst having a Boomer Moment

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AOV Case Archive

We've now added a Case Archive page to the site! The page features links to various cases that have been played on the server over the years. If you have a case you wish to add, check the page for more details.

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The Littlest Update

"Great oaks from little acorns grow." -Some 14th-century twat

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AOV Halloween Contest 2019

AOV is hosting a Case and Sprite creation contest for Halloween!
For a chance to win up to $20 in Steam prizes and more, check out the Contest Document!
This contest is now closed and winners have been announced!

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AOV Case and Game Schedule

We now have a public case schedule!
If you want to schedule a case or a game for a specific date or check if one is happening soon, you can use this document.
Please note, scheduling a case does not automatically reserve the area for you. It is merely an indicator to give people an idea of when something will be ran.

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Server Content Rules Update

AOV's content and submission rules have been updated, including a new Suggestions document and an Ace Attorney stylings guide to illustrate how to properly emulate the series' sprites.
Please look over the new rules and make sure to use the new documents for any content suggestions.

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AOV Rules Update

The AOV server rules have been updated and are in effect immediately.
Please look over the updated Rules document to see the changes.

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The Minimalist Update

"You never see an old man having a Twix" -Karl Pilkington

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Animania 2.0

A new round of selectable [AOV] anime music files are available for July. Click the images to download and replace your current anime file as desired.

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In lieu of a content update, this month you can take your pick of anime.opus from this finely curated list. Simply click an image and replace your current anime.opus as desired.

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There Is Fuck All In This Update

"And here is where I'd put content for the update. IF THERE WAS ANY." -Someone ROYALLY FUCKED OFF about their internet speed

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The Mature Update

"Ara Ara, but I am just an old lady!" -Every female in an erotic fiction that involves a prepubescent boy

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Deep Dark Fantasy Update

"Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. Danganronpa Online's two servers down."

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Moderator Contact

Whether you need help installing, want to report a problem or just have a question to ask, you can contact AOV staff on our Mod Discord.