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Christmas Case and Art Contest 2022

AOV's Christmas Case and Art contest is back! Create a Christmas themed murder and/or a Holiday artwork for a chance to win Steam games and more!
Winners Announced!

The Update Before Christmas

There's only 43 days until Christmas!
This pre-holiday update features new character Peppino, a Judge variant of Stronghart, re-rips of Barok and Enoch and some other musical, grammatical and evidenceal changes.

Halloween Case and Art Contest 2022

The AOV Case and Art creation contest is back for 2022!
Check out the contest document to find out more information and how to enter!
Winners Announced!

Never Forgetti
Twisted Karuma and His Last Update

A British background bonanza awaits you this September.
Various Great Ace Attorney backgrounds have been added and updated, as well as some character changes and a sandwich.

The Jury is Out on This Update

It's a July for Jury Duty! Several Jurors from the Great Ace Attorney 2 have been added as well as various minor fixes.

The Greggs
The Kingdom of Britany 2 Update

Celebrate Great British Institutions with this royal update!
Satoru goes to the beach, Evie (GAA2) joins the cast and Kazuma gets some sfx realignment.
Plus: GAA shout bubbles, evidence, cast icons and some grammar!

Finally, An Update

Life is often disappointing.
Some changes to Hazama and Battler are here, as well as some blips and sounds.

The Christmas The Third Update

Happy New Year! There's only 351 days until Christmas, so let's celebrate with updated sprites, new evidence, blips, fixes and music!