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Christmas Case and Art Contest 2021

AOV is running a Christmas Case and Art contest! Create a Christmas themed murder and/or a Holiday artwork and enter today!
Check out the contest document to find out more information, prizes and how to enter!
Winners have been announced!

The Holiday Cheerless Update

Open your present, anon! Inside you'll find new variants for characters, several fixes and rerips, a jingle and a whole bunch of only slightly jaded festive cheer!
We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and see you in 2022!

The Encroaching Holiday Update

This update features new characters, emotes and fixes alongside new and updated music, backgrounds and a chilling sense of festivity.
Dread it, run from it, Padoru arrives all the same.

Halloween Case and Sprite Contest 2021

The AOV Halloween Case and Sprite creation contest is back for 2021!
Check out the contest document to find out more information and how to enter!
Winners Announced!

The Understaffed Update

New characters, fixes, re-rips, fixes, evidence, music and fixes make up this month's update, courtesy of crunch time.

The Special Olympics Update

New music, big character updates, various fixes and an assortment of new character icons are now available in this belated update.

Two Point Nine
The 2.9 Update

The 2.9(.1) client is finally here!
Vertical offset, timers, music streaming, new effects and more!

Update via the Launcher or download the standalone client directly here.

The Nippon Update

Hajeemaymashta, Anon-sama. For you this month we have more music, more Mia and more evidence icons; including a donut and children's card games.

The Stonks Update

Primarily a music update: introducing several new suggested songs, updates to existing songs and a potato.
The Launcher has also been updated with a new Full Download.
2.9 soon™

Card image cap
AOV Case Archive 2020/21

Happy New Year!
The site's Case Archive has been updated to include cases from 2020 and any cases run in 2021. If you have a case you wish to add, contact us via client or Discord.